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10 Technical Analysis Software Tools for your favorite tickers! Works for TradingView charting application! Get access to private premium software suite for your ticker chart analysis! Learn from 9 years of trading experience! !


A few indicators in this video! More below!

ChartBolt : The only technical analysis tool-kit you need! 10 ChartBolt tools for TradingView charting app

ChartBolt: Access to all 10 pro trading tools! You get access to all 10 different trading indicator software tools for free TradingView charting app. You can set up alarms that get sent to your phone/computer whenever signal hits on our software tools! Most other indicator systems don't provide as much tools as we do! Best trading indicators to use for TradingView! Best TradingView Indicators.

Stocks, forex, futures, cfds, etc.

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  • ChartBolt™ II

    Advanced multiple momentum tools in one. Green and red humps in middle indicate bullish or bearish volume and momentum. Purple humps indicate the moving average oscillator.

  • ChartBolt™ Movement

    ChartBolt™ Movement

    Red signifies bearish movement; green signifies bullish movement. Non-lagging indicator

  • ChartBolt™ Scalp Levels

    ChartBolt™ Scalp Levels

    Great for scalping on lower time frames! Potential support/resistance levels on lower time frames. Red line usually indicates a resistance level. Green line usually indicates a support level.

  • ChartBolt™ Top/Bottom

    ChartBolt™ Top/Bottom

    Auto-Line self analyzing robot. Draws lines for you in real-time!

  • ChartBolt The only technical analysis

    ChartBolt™ Ultra I & II

    Two auto-line robots (white) that captures potential support/resistance levels on the chart! See how price bounced off the white lines?

  • ChartBolt™ Momentum

    ChartBolt™ Momentum

    Oscillator that tracks momentum. When the indicator reaches red, it signifies bearish momentum. Green signifies bullish momentum.

  • ChartBolt™ Short/Long Signals

    ChartBolt™ Short/Long Signals

    Gives signals on when to long or short on your trades! You can also set up alarms for this indicator.

  • ChartBolt™ AD

    ChartBolt™ AD

    Moving Average Oscillator with divergences. Higher low usually indicates a bullish reversal; while lower high usually indicates a bearish reversal

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